The Founder

The founder of Mystique's Pagan Ministry Service was married for nearly a decade and has experienced the highs and lows of marriage life. As you read this blog, you may wonder whether or not the views and opinions revealed can be supported. You can rest assured that every topic that is expounded upon is supported by the blogger's actual experience, firsthand knowledge, or researched thoroughly and presented with it's reliable source that you may check yourself.

Welcome to our blog that heterosexual and persons within the LGBT community will enjoy and be able to relate to. As new topics are added you'll be able to search and click on those that are of interest to you and gain insight into the world of marriage, dating, cohabiting, divorce and everything in-between.

Who We Are

Mystique's Pagan Ministry Service holds an unconventional view of relationships, marriage, and how a wedding should be conducted.  Basically, we believe that couples should make their own wedding rules and it is perfectly fine to break from tradition.  All customs, traditions, rituals, and rules were created by people who chose to share them with anyone who they thought would benefit from them.  Therefore, as long as you and your significant other think you'll both benefit from the method by which you intend to have your wedding conducted you'll realize that there isn't a one-size-fits-all wedding ceremony. 

Why Us?

MPMS is a Universal Life Church Monastery member.  The founder is a pagan spiritual worker who was initially baptized as a babe Episcopalian, baptized as a kid in a Baptist church, and finally baptized as a teenager in a Non-denominational church and became a Born-Again Christian who can still speak in tongues!  Our ministry engages in spiritual pursuits and believes that every living being is a part of Spirit. We utilize the energy that is available to all of us to manifest that which we need and desire.

Although we are pagan, and shall always be, we respect all religions, denominations, faiths and beliefs.  If you are an atheist couple we will marry you without any reference to any god/goddess, etc.  Nonetheless, we will not pay homage to any dark entity or devil (if applicable).  We will, however, acknowledge the "god" or "goddess" within you during the ceremony (if applicable).  

Basically, MPMS is familiar with the core ideas of many belief systems and will honor those that our clients follow to the best of our ability because we are not missionaries (don't seek to convert others to any particular doctrine or belief system) and do not submit to being converted to any religion or custom.

MPMS Officiates Weddings for COUPLES of ALL FAITHS, Including Pagan, Christian, Non-Denominational, and Non-Religious Couples. IF YOU CAN SAY "I DO" I WILL MARRY YOU!

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