Q.  Do you perform weddings in Pennsylvania?
A.  Yes.  Beginning January 3, 2019, we will perform weddings in certain areas of PA (Bucks county and in most Philadelphia areas).  However, certain criteria must be met; parking for the Wedding Officiant must be off-street and, if garage parking is the only safe off-street parking, paid by the client.  This applies for all rehearsal dates, the wedding location, and the reception location (if applicable).  Also, our Wedding Officiant shall only be of service if your venue is located within one of the areas on the Service Area List.  In addition, tolls and a $10 transportation fee shall be billed to the client separately.  Garage (if applicable), toll, and transportation fees are estimated and payable prior to the wedding date by cash, money order, or personal check only.  Receipts for all of the above may be provided to the client for tax purposes when possible (should the toll, garage, or gas attendant fail to provide a receipt, MPMS shall be held harmless).     

Q.  What forms do I need to complete to make my marriage legal?

A.  Both individuals need to complete a marriage license application.  It can be filled out at home but, it has to be signed at the municipal court in front of the Registrar and a witness.  After the wedding vows are spoken a marriage certificate must be signed by the couple and the wedding officiant.

Q.  When will we get our marriage license?
A.  The marriage license will be issued 72 hours after the first person has signed the application.

Q.  Can we choose the style and color of our marriage certificate?
A.  Yes. Before the wedding present your own marriage certificate to the wedding officiant to be filled out and signed after the ceremony.  We, also, have premium marriage certificates that you may choose from.  To purchase one, please go to the Order Services page.

Q.  Which faiths/religions do you serve?
A.  Mystique's Pagan Ministry Service serves all faiths/religions as well as non-denominational and couples who don't belong to any church.  However, base prices only include a simple or non-denominational ceremony.

Q.  Do you perform same-sex weddings?

A.  Yes, we do.  Members of the LGBT community are encouraged to utilize the services we offer.

Q.  What is the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate?
A.  A marriage license is the legal document issued to a couple after they've completed and submitted a marriage application to the registrar's office in the city that the wedding will take place.  This is a legal document that allows the couple to wed and have their marriage legally recognized. 

 A marriage certificate is your reward showing you've accomplished the task of saying your wedding vows, agreeing to stay married to your partner for the rest of your lives.  It's signed by the couple, their witness, and the minister then returned to the registrar to get stamped with an official seal. The couple keeps this certificate. 

Q.  Where can I access the link to pay for a tarot card reading again?
A.  ONLY if you've already filled out the querent form AND have received a confirmation e-mail, access your payment option for the type of reading you desire from the Order Services page.  If you pay before the first steps, you won't be issued a refund if you want to cancel your order; only a credit will be granted.

Q.  How can I pay for our wedding online if I've already paid the $100 retainer?
A.  Access the Order Services tab from the menu to choose and purchase a wedding package.  Note: The retainer has already been deducted from our online wedding payment options (e.g., service costs $380 but the option reads "$280" since you already paid $100).

Q.  Where can I obtain additional answers to my questions about marriage procedures?
A.  You may obtain additional information on New Jersey marriage, remarriage and civil union procedures, paperwork and laws from the Department of Vital Statistics.  

Q.  How can I make a donation to your ministry/organization?

A.  Any visitor to our website may make a donation/offering to MPMS by clicking HERE or below the offering plate on our Contact Us page.
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