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"I did a phone reading with Minister Leslie and was very satisfied with the answers she gave me.  I was surprised that she was able to see how my boyfriend was affecting my life.  I made the hard decision to leave him after my reading showed me that he was not going to change.  I'd recommend her service to anyone who wants to uncover secrets held by a lover or spouse."  - Linda K.

"I'm so glad that I found Mystique's online when I really needed to know what would happen with my job.  I was able to make preparations for the layoff that was to come.  I applied for a new job and had it secured long before I was given my "pink slip".  I felt empowered knowing that my boss was planning to let me go.  I was so tempted to tell him to take the job and shove it, but I decided not to."  - Mavin S.

"Me and my sister were the biggest skeptics about tarot card readers and people who practice any form of divination.  Even my parents warned us often not to pay someone to tell us lies.  I assure you that my MPMS tarot card reader is legit.  The phone reading I got was right on.  I only needed answers to one question so it was a short reading but completely accurate."  - Savion J.

"She's the real deal.  I was given correct and quite helpful answers to all 3 of my questions.  I will go back again for my live table reading."  - Tiffany M.

I had a reading over the phone the other day with a reader.  I forgot her name but she was nice and seemed very sincere.  I was kind of nervous when I got there but during the reading I felt comfortable and it was like I knew her for a long time. I highly recommend!"  - Jules R. 

"I loved my reading.  My questions weren't that serious but I found out things about my future that were eye-opening.  I had a video reading which made it easier for me to see my reader and actually see her place the cards without having to travel.  I had two readings with other people before this and I left confused and wasted precious gas and time.  But, my time was well-spent with my Mystique's card reader. 5 stars!"  - Tony S.

"I did not know what to expect before I had my email tarot reading.  I thought there would just be vague responses to my questions but I was absolutely content with the all answers I was given.  I told my aunt to get a reading about trouble she was having with her co-worker and she had a phone reading the following week with Ms. Leslie.  She called to thank me for telling her about them and she just kept saying "Wow, I can't believe it" over and over again. I wasn't surprised. Ms. Leslie tells the truth."  - Delores P.

"I must say that the tarot card reader made me a believer.  I used to pray, pray, pray for signs from God to answer my complicated questions.  But, now I just get tarot card readings.  It's wonderful and I know it's safe.  It sure helped me out a lot!!!"  - Raven T.

"Reverend Mystique brought me and the love of my life together as husband and wife and made the process painless.  We didn't have much time to prepare a wedding (and, honestly, not much money either) but we were quickly accommodated and the show went on anyway.  MPMS helped us when we were feeling discouraged.  Pricing was excellent/affordable and my wife and I were able to use what we had left to spend our honeymoon in Florida."  - Larry Q.  
MPMS Officiates Weddings for COUPLES of ALL FAITHS, Including Pagan, Christian, Non-Denominational, and Non-Religious Couples. IF YOU CAN SAY "I DO" I WILL MARRY YOU!

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