Tarot Card Reading Terms and Conditions

1. Tarot card reader is referred to as "Tarot Card Reader", "the Tarot Card Reader", "the Reader", or "Spiritual Reading".

2. You are referred to as "Querent", "the Querent", "Client", or "the Client".

3. Your tarot card reading may be referred to as "Tarot Card Reading", "Reading", "the Reading", "Your Reading", "Client Reading", "Spiritual Reading", or "Customer Reading".
MPMS provides tarot card readings as a form of entertainment. The querent should not rely on the outcome of any reading(s) to make any life-altering decisions. Any such decision(s), following a tarot card reader's interpretation of any tarot card spread about love, relationships (romantic, platonic, employment, or otherwise), money, school, work, the future, past, present or legal matter, and the outcome thereafter will be based upon the querent's personal choices and shall hold MPMS harmless and free of all and any liabilities.

A tarot card reading, provided by MPMS¹,
The result of such a reading is delivered to the customer either over the phone, verbally, verbally with on-screen typed messages, in a PDF file via e-mail, in a direct e-mail message, or in-person.
Since this service consists of three parts (the spread, interpretation, and results) all of which cannot be identically redone, refunds will not be granted. However, under some circumstances², a credit shall be issued.

¹ A tarot card reading is an individual’s interpretation of the meaning of the pictures and position of a deck of tarot cards laid out in various fashions (a.k.a., a spread)
² A credit, for a future reading, shall be issued under the following circumstances:
- In-person readings: The tarot card reader isn’t present or fails to answer the door (only after querent has made at least two attempts to contact the reader by phone and has given the reader sufficient time† to answer the call and the door. Contact by e-mail or text message shall not be valid methods for the querent to communicate that they are at the door. In anticipation of the querent’s arrival, the reader won’t be online and since the business phone is a landline it won’t be able to receive text messages.
† Sufficient time that the querent should allow the tarot card reader to answer the door is ten (10) minutes. The reader could be using the restroom facilities, taking a call from another client, or unable to hear the querent’s knock or the doorbell may have malfunctioned, among other reasons.
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